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    Rutledge Supports EPA’s Final Risk Management Program Reconsideration Rule

    November 22, 2019

    Rule aids first responders, reduces unnecessary burdens and saves billions of dollars in regulatory costs

    WASHINGTON – Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge applauds the work of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in releasing a final Risk Management Program (RMP) Reconsideration rule. The rule modifies and improves the existing rule to remove burdensome, costly, unnecessary amendments while maintaining appropriate protections and ensuring first responders have access to all of the necessary safety information. It also resolves important security concerns. With this action under President Trump, EPA has finalized 48 deregulatory actions, which the agency projects have saved Americans more than $5 billion in regulatory costs.

    “It is encouraging to see the agency has agreed to reconsider a rule that would impose repetitive requirements on local and State officials as well as raise serious public safety concerns,” said Attorney General Rutledge.

    EPA’s final RMP reconsideration rule maintains important public safety measures. Under this final rule, no less safety information will be available to first responders and State and federal regulators than was available under any previous version of the RMP rule. The actions made directly address the concerns of local emergency responders and other federal agencies including the U.S. Small Business Administration that were originally raised during the rulemaking of the 2017 RMP Amendments.

    Ultimately, this rule reduces the costs of compliance with unnecessary regulatory requirements and makes reasonable, practicable updates to improve the effectiveness of the rule. It saves Americans roughly $88 million a year.

    The EPA’s press release is available here. For more information on the RMP Reconsideration rule, click here.

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