Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the Attorney General provide legal advice?
    Because the primary restriction placed upon the Arkansas Attorney General’s office by State law is that the Attorney General is prohibited from the private practice of law, the Attorney General cannot provide legal advice.

    A list of Arkansas attorneys can be searched by city, county, and area of practice via the Arkansas Bar Association’s website at
  2. Where can I report scams?
    Scams may be reported to the Attorney General’s office by filing a consumer complaint online, emailing or calling (800) 482-8982.
  3. How can I get more information about data breaches and the 2019 Equifax settlement?
    The Arkansas Personal Information Protection Act was recently amended to require that a breach be reported to the Arkansas Attorney General if the breach affects the personal information of more than 1000 individuals and the reporting entity determines that there is a reasonable likelihood of harm to consumers.

    Read more about data breaches and find the reporting form on the Attorney General's Consumer Protection identity section.
  4. Where can I get clarification on Arkansas gun laws?
    Attorney General Rutledge issued Opinion Number 2015-064 concerning open carry and Opinion Number 2018-002 concerning conceal carry in Arkansas. Questions concerning concealed carry license may be directed to the Arkansas State Police by calling (501) 618-8000.
  5. How do I restore my gun rights?
    You may contact Governor Asa Hutchinson’s office by completing an online form or calling (501) 682-2345 to obtain the necessary forms to begin the gun rights restoration process.
  6. Where can I report issues with the Department of Human Services?
    Email Constituent Services regarding your questions and concerns.
  7. Where can I file a complaint against an attorney?
    Complaints against attorneys may be filed with the Office of the Committee on Professional Conduct by calling (501) 376-0313. Grievance forms are also available on the Arkansas Judiciary website.
  8. Where can I file a complaint against a judge?
    Complaints against judges may be filed with the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission by calling (501) 682-1050 or completing the complaint forms online.
  9. Where can I file a complaint against law enforcement?
    If you feel that local law enforcement officers have not fulfilled their duties, you may wish to contact the agency's Police Chief, Sheriff, Office of Professional Standards or prosecuting attorney. You may also wish to file a complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation by calling (501) 221-9100 or the U.S. Department of Justice by completing an online contact form at or by calling (888) 848-5306.

    If your complaint involves the Arkansas State Police, you may wish to contact the Arkansas State Police Office of Professional Standards by calling (501) 618-8929 or emailing
  10. Where do I go for assistance regarding child support?
    Unlike other attorneys general offices, the Arkansas Attorney General’s office does not handle issues relating to child support. Child support is handled by the Office of Child Support Enforcement, which may be reached by calling (501) 371-5349.
  11. Are there resources for victims of crimes?
    The Arkansas Crime Victims Reparations Program, administered by the Arkansas Department of Public Safety, provides financial compensation to victims who have suffered personal injury or death as the result of violent crime. Eligible victims may qualify for up to $10,000 for medical care, counseling, lost wages, funeral expenses, crime scene clean up and loss of support for dependents of deceased victims. Victims suffering catastrophic injuries may qualify for up to $25,000. Eligible victims may be awarded reparations regardless of whether there has been an arrest or conviction related to the crime. Additionally, the Sexual Assault Reimbursement Program allows evidence to be collected after a sexual assault has been committed without the victim bearing the burden of the expense, and it pays for ambulance services and medical or legal examinations.

    Victims may apply for compensation by submitting an application. Applications are available from the Arkansas Department of Public Safety and Arkansas’s 28 elected prosecutors. These programs are funded by fees collected from criminal offenders and a federal grant through the Victims of Crime Act, administered by the U.S. Department of Justice. Call (800) 448-3014 for more information.

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